Betty Crocker

Top 5 treats to bake with kids this month!

It’s December, it’s nearly the end of the year and kids are out of school! That can only mean one thing – summer baking \o/

Baking is a fun learning activity that all kids can do with the guidance of a parent – and your kids might have some of the best childhood memories to cherish when they get older!

1. Cute Cake Pops!

Cake pops are the ultimate treat for kids! They’re easy to make and look super pretty. Plus, they’re small enough for little bakers to eat! Check out the recipe here

Betty Crocker

2. Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Cake

Here’s something cool you can make to ward off the summer heat! This yummy ice cream cake is super duper easy to make in just a few steps and only three ingredients. Amazing, hey? See the recipe for this cool treat here.  

Betty Crocker

3. Super Moist Devils Food Ice Cream Cake

Another ice cream cake, you ask? It’s summer and we just can’t resist! This beautiful ice cream cake might need to be left in the freezer overnight for best results, but it really is worth the wait (just watch the delight on your kids’ faces as soon as they get to have this treat!) View this recipe here.

Betty Crocker

4. Pumpkin Spice Slice

It might be summer here Down Under, but that doesn’t stop us from baking pumpkin-flavoured things! Kids will love baking something a little different - so try your hand at creating the flagship flavours and aromas of the northern hemisphere festive season with this lovely Pumpkin Spice Slice recipe. Check out the recipe here

Betty Crocker

5. Butterfly & Bug Cupcakes

Butterflies and bugs, oh my! These little crawlies will look gorgeous on any plate. Kids will find creating different brightly coloured icing and making the bugs really fun and visually appealing – just don’t let them bite ;) See this playful recipe here

Betty Crocker

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