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The website is dedicated to filling your plate - whether you want to fill it with something healthy, naughty or just something tasty and easy. Your favourite brands always have simple, delicious and yes, absolutely fun and enjoyable recipes and articles for you to check out.Meet our foodies

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Meet the foodies behind plateful

Katelyn Testa

Devourer of Deliciousness

With an Italian background, there’s nothing I love more than eating. My friends are shocked if they see me without food in my hand, and I’m always excited to plan meals. I believe in trying new things — I’ll never cook the same thing twice!

Shaun Polidano

Keepin' it saucy

Food is all about tasting wonderful flavours, laughs around the dinner table and sharing a moment together. I love to cook big Italian meals, but try to put a spin on old favourites by testing different herbs and spices, adding unique ingredients and trying out new techniques.

Sarah Lock


As a working mum of two, I spend time cooking meals for my family that I know will keep the kids smiling and their plates licked clean. One of our favourite meals is a good roast dinner with all the trimmings... it’s not complete if it doesn’t have Yorkshire pudding!


Dessert Connoisseur

While I tend to stick to cooking quick, simple meals, I love to get creative when it comes to baking. I always decide what I’m having for dessert before I look at the mains, and my guilty pleasure is baked cheesecake!


The Food Buff

I keep it simple in the kitchen wherever possible so I can guarantee the food will taste excellent without the hassle of complicated ingredients and recipes! I love trying dishes from different cultures but when it comes down to it, pasta and peanut butter will always be the two greatest foods in the world.


Chocolate Obsessed

In my family, food is meant to be shared so I love going all out by inventing new dishes for dinner parties – especially desserts! I passionately believe that chocolate is its own food group, and always make sure I get my recommended daily allowance.


Traditional Food Fan

When it comes to food, I love anything spicy and trying new things in the kitchen. I am a traditionalist at heart - dining was and always will be a time for family.


Taste Lovin' Texan

As a newcomer to Australia I love exploring new flavours, but I most enjoy a home-cooked meal of comfort food with friends and family.


Salty Sweet Addict

Nothing beats delicious food, fine wine and great company. Except for my love of chocolate. Dark and decadent is best, but a dash of salt takes it to a whole new level!


Dude Food Enthusiast

I eat a lot, but don’t have time to cook complex stuff. Big flavours with little prep suits me.


Fine Food Lover

Food is about sharing a meal with the ones I love. I like to cook with simple, fresh ingredients and enjoy food that is delicious and full of flavour!


Nutritionist (with a bit of a sweet tooth)

I always love to relax and be creative in the kitchen - music turned right up. For me, it’s all about healthy food that shows my family and friends how much I care for them all... and yes, the occasional treat!


Plateful Kitchen Chef

Being a food development chef allows me to work helping nourish lives. Basic ingredients executed well; my ethos is food prepared lovingly and shared means smiles all around the table


Our very own foodie

Food is at the heart of most of my fondest memories - I think for me it's about the connections made around the dinner table, sharing a good meal made with love.


Health, outdoors and nutrition guru

I love all things food. I grew up in a family of big eaters who loved to try all different flavours and cuisines. I love to cook, and enjoy putting in what it takes to make something truly special.


Mum to be and queen of sweet

I'm an adventurous cook but at the same time don't like anything too fussy or overcomplicated - simple recipes that hero beautiful produce are what it's all about.

  • Katelyn Testa

    Katelyn Testa

  • Shaun Polidano

    Shaun Polidano

  • Sarah Lock

    Sarah Lock

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